Built on the existing Market Value Social Enterprise Partnership to enable Monash/Berengarra Pathways students to fully complete their School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT).

Partnership Members:

  • MEGT
  • Camberwell Rotary
  • Monash U13
  • Members of the Monash Hub

Context and Goals
While the Market Value Social Enterprise Partnership offered real life learning opportunities for students, the opportunities to implement a full Certificate II or III in Retail Training for 13 students, around the one-day a week Farmers Market were unable to be realised. Gateway LLEN brokered an enhanced partnership, which would enable students to undertake and complete a SBAT.

The Partnership’s Approach
Building on the Market Value Social Enterprise Partnership, Gateway LLEN identified key stakeholders and brokered the Cafeducation Partnership. This partnership enabled Monash Pathways students to complete their Certificate II and/or III in Retail Training within a SBAT. It also laid the foundations for the program, which further supported the Elliott Street Social Enterprise (ESSE) Partnership.

“The difference the Cafeducation partnership makes to our students is incredible. You can actually see them grow in confidence and move from feeling like ‘observers’ of life who don’t believe they can do anything, to participants who begin to realise they have skills and the ability to move onto future employment and training.”
Catrina Salton, Coordinator Cafeducation.

• 13 students from Monash Pathways completed their Certificate II or III in Retail Training
• 13 students undertook a SBAT and received payment for their Traineeship
• The Cafeducation Partnership provided the platform to broker the Community Social Enterprise Partnership, ESSE, which will be piloted in 2014

Next Steps
The Cafeducation Partnership will continue to operate from the Monash Hub, but will also be the foundation for the new ESSE Partnership, which will operate from the ‘rent free’ Ashwood Gateway Community Housing complex.

Support from the Partnership Broker
Gateway LLEN was able to work with Monash Pathways to identify barriers to provision of SBAT within the Market Value Social Enterprise Partnership. Gateway LLEN identified potential stakeholders and brokered the Cafeducation Partnership to ensure the program could offer the full Certificate II and III in Retail Training and also provide Monash Pathways students the opportunity to undertake a SBAT.

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