Catholic Education Vocational Transitions

To provide a platform for at-risk students within the Archdiocese of Melbourne to plan and manage supported transition from school to employment.

Partnership Members:
• Catholic Education Office
• Catholic Secondary Schools within the Archdiocese of Melbourne
• Box Hill Town Hall

Context and Goals
Brokered to improve educational outcomes and support the transition of at-risk students within the secondary Catholic education system. The partnership supports students to explore, investigate and identify their individual pathway options while remaining enrolled at school, thus significantly reducing the risk of disengagement.

The Partnership’s Approach
Developed to address the gap in transitional planning for young people at-risk of disengaging from their education, Gateway LLEN supported the Catholic Education Office (CEO) to develop a strength-based, vocational program to compliment young people in their current learning path. Assisting with curriculum development, venue and linking the program with industry has ensured that the program operates at full capacity and that its longevity is assured.

“The Catholic Education Office, the training staff and past and present students are deeply grateful for the support and encouragement which has been so generously given by Gateway LLEN.”
Kaye Bills, Program Coordinator.

• Strength-based approach
• Timetabled to provide minimum interruption to student’s studies at school
• Students are supported to explore and identify pathway options
• Students develop an understanding of the principles of Certificate 1 Vocational Education

Next Steps
The Catholic Education Vocational Transitions Partnership is fully sustainable, with Gateway LLEN providing ongoing strategic support. Gateway LLEN will continue to provide evaluative assistance and operate as a link between the partnership and other organisations where required.

Support from the Partnership Broker
Working with the CEO, Gateway LLEN identified a significant number of students, who although attending school, were at risk of disengaging and lacked the skills to identify their education and training options.

Gateway LLEN sourced the venue for the program and has assisted the CEO to negotiate room hire with Box Hill Town Hall. Gateway LLEN also works to connect the trainers with industry to assist in the delivery of many of the vocational units.

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