Eastern Youth Learning

To improve and broaden education pathways across all secondary and community education and training providers by increasing the education and supported pathway opportunities available for all young people.

Partnership Members:
• The Avenue Neighbourhood House @ Eley
• Pines Learning
• Upper Yarra Community House
• Adult Community Further Education (ACFE)

Context and Goals
Following initial discussions between key stakeholders, Gateway LLEN brokered the Eastern Youth Learning Partnership. Gateway LLEN supported the partnership to successfully apply for the ACFE Board Capacity and Innovation funding. The partnership received funding to support the implementation of a pilot program for a Youth Pathways/Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) program at the Avenue Neighbourhood House @ Eley, which commenced in 2012.

The Partnership’s Approach
Gateway LLEN played a key role in supporting the partners to develop shared goals and relevant strategies to achieve these goals. Recruitment of both the coordinator for the Capacity and Innovation Fund and the tutor for the Refresh Program at the Avenue Neighbourhood House @ Eley provides ongoing support for each of these personnel. Gateway LLEN managed and coordinated the REFRESH Information Forum, which had more than 25 separate agencies attend. Gateway LLEN was instrumental in ensuring there was a strong commitment from all partners and recorded this via a memorandum of understanding (MoU) identifying each partner’s role. Gateway LLEN is also a member of the program steering committee and participates in regular consultation.

• Supported access to community-based education for disengaged young people
• Holistic partnership approach
• Developing work-readiness skills in participating students
• Improving career and pathway information
• Development of curriculum that satisfies the needs of education providers, industry and students

Next Steps
The training program, REFRESH, commenced at the Avenue Neighbourhood House @ Eley with 8 students enrolled. In 2013 REFRESH operated at full student capacity, with pathways in place for all exiting students. 2014 sees the program fully subscribed and an additional 6 young people on the waiting list.
The program continues to grow and strengthen and has acquired long-term sustainability. Embedded in the curriculum in the full suite of training delivery programs at the Avenue Neighbourhood House @ Eley, it has become an integral reengagement program within the Gateway region.

Support from the Partnership Broker

“Gateway LLEN has been integral in the Avenue Neighbourhood House @ Eley’s success in developing alternative learning options for young people who are at risk of becoming disengaged or have disengaged from mainstream learning. Ultimately we would not have experienced the success we have with the Refresh program without the support of Gateway LLEN.”

Colleen Saunderson, Manager, the Avenue @ Eley Neighbourhood House.

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