Elliott Street Social Enterprise

To provide for young disengaged people to undertake a School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT) and access real life learning in a supported environment.

Partnership Members:
• Monash Link
• Port Phillip Housing Association (PPHA)
• Monash City council
• LD Network
• Berengarra School

Context and Goals:
Gateway LLEN believes the biggest barrier to improving opportunities for non-academic/at risk learners is the inability to provide realistic, supported, workplace learning opportunities and strong transitional support to sustainable employment and further education. Past experience demonstrates that accessing mainstream work placement and transition into employment opportunities predominantly results in failure for the most vulnerable learners.

The Partnership’s Approach
In 2013 Gateway LLEN identified additional stakeholders who could contribute to the development of a Social Enterprise. Building on the Cafeducation Partnership, Gateway LLEN was able to bring two crucial stakeholders to the ESSE partnership. PPHA who provided a rent free venue and AAC (Ashwood, Ashburton Chadstone) Public Tenants Association providing community support, input and future customers.

Student Ebony, 18, works three days a week on the coffee cart and said the experience was awesome.
“At the start I was pretty nervous, but as I got more used to it, it’s been a good ¬improvement for me.”

• More than 20 Monash/Berengarra Pathways students will enrol in a SBAT in 2014
• In 2015 the number of students participating in the program will increase to 35+
• Students will work and learn in a real life learning environment
• Students who complete their SBAT but are not yet ready to make the transition to mainstream employment/training, will be able to gain paid employment at ESSE
• Students deemed ready for mainstream employment/training will be supported in the transition

Port Phillip Housing Association Community Development Manager, Louise Daniel said the association was thrilled to be able to provide the space for the cafe.
“Our tenants just can’t wait to have a community café.”

Next Steps
Gateway LLEN will continue to support the ESSE Partnership. 2014 will see:
• The development of strategies to access funding for the ESSE project to cover the cost of the ‘fit-out’ of the venue
• The opening of the ESSE café as a functional café
• The enrolment of 20+ Monash/ Berengarra Pathways students in SBAT
• Ongoing evaluation and review
• Management of a strong ESSE Project Steering Committee

Support from the Partnership Broker
Building on the Cafeducation Partnership as a platform, Gateway LLEN has put in place the foundations to develop a sustainable Community Social Enterprise via the ESSE partnership.

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