Gateway Pathways Network

To increase and support the provision of non-mainstream pathway and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) programs in the Gateway LLEN region.

Partnership Members:
• Eastern Food Alliance
• Mitcham Salvation Army
• Holmesglen TAFE
• Box Hill Institute
• Monash Pathways
• Pines Learning
• The Avenue NH
• Port Phillip Housing Association
• Jesuit Community College
• The Foyer

Context and Goals
Gateway Pathways Network is a partnership between non-mainstream VCAL and pathway providers. It supports strong pathway options and referrals for disengaged students while also providing networking and support opportunities for otherwise isolated trainers/providers.

The Partnership’s Approach
As a result of Gateway LLEN brokerage, there has been a significant increase in the number of partnerships providing a range of learning options for non-mainstream learners via provision of non-mainstream applied learning programs.
The program delivery is often undertaken by small community providers that work in isolation, have little knowledge or time to access a range of support services for students and teachers/trainers, or knowledge on possible pathway options for exiting students.

• The establishment of strong referral processes between programs
• Development of relevant curriculum that is not duplicated and provides strong pathways between programs
• Stronger, supportive pathways from community programs into TAFE
• Sharing of resources for teachers and students, which has created a strong professional and supportive network for teachers and practitioners who otherwise work in isolation
• Opportunity to track students in these network programs
• A suite of programs providing a strong pathway and catchment ‘net’ for disengaged students

“Gateway LLEN played an instrumental and pivotal role in brokering a partnership that enabled The Avenue to provide a full time Pathways Program for vulnerable young people in our local area. They continue to support this program via the Gateway Network which provides excellent network and support for our trainers as well as information and advice on external resources and pathway options for our students.”
Colleen Saunderson, Manager The Avenue NH (2013).

Next Steps
Gateway LLEN will continue to grow this partnership and simultaneously work with all partners to ensure strategies are in place to support long-term sustainability.

“Prior to this network, our program and staff worked in isolation. The Network has provided great support for staff and also excellent referral and pathway options for our students who previously had little knowledge or understanding of future options and pathways.”
Graeme Barwise, Manager Monash Pathways and Vice Principal of Berrengara School.

Support from the Partnership Broker
Gateway LLEN has brokered a partnership between these providers that has enabled the development of strategies to improve and develop long-term sustainable options, for otherwise disengaged young people to further education training and employment.

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    Gateway Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) is one 31 Victorian LLENs. The goal of the LLENs is to improve outcomes for young people, 10 – 19 years old, by increasing opportunities for their participation, attainment and successful transitions in education, training or employment. Gateway LLEN encompasses the local government areas of Whitehorse, Manningham and Monash and works with key stakeholders within these communities.

    Street Address: 1030 Whitehorse Road Box Hill 3128, Victoria Australia

    Postal Address: PO Box 383 Box Hill 3128, Victoria Australia