Monash Pathways

To improve and broaden education pathways across all secondary and community education and training providers, by increasing the education and supported pathway opportunities available for all young people.

Partnership Members:
• Monash Council
• Berengarra School
• Holmesglen TAFE
• Amaroo Neighbourhood House
• Monash Youth & Family Services
• MonashLink

Context and Goals
In 2010 Gateway LLEN identified a serious gap in provision of alternative educational programs within the Monash area. Consultation with schools, youth agencies, community providers, School Focused Youth Services and other key youth agencies, identified a strong need (and somewhat hidden demand) for alternative, post compulsory programs for young people not suited to mainstream education.

The Partnership’s Approach
This partnership was brokered by Gateway LLEN to address a serious gap in the provision of alternative learning programs. Gateway LLEN was able to assist the partnership to formulate a clear intent and agreement on what the proposed partnership was seeking to achieve, with a focus on education and transition outcomes. Gateway LLEN was also able to assist the partnership to map available resources, create an action plan, identify key milestones and develop a process for ongoing monitoring and evaluation. There is now a strong partnership between key stakeholders, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

• Significantly improved learning outcomes for young people who were disengaged from education
• Community Social Enterprise (Market Garden) which is embedded in the curriculum
• Holistic partnership approach

Next Steps
The Monash Pathways Partnership is now in its third year and has grown from a small group of 10 students to a two-tiered program, a pathways and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) program with 24 students. It is part of the Monash Community Hub and draws support from a number of local partners. Gateway LLEN continues to support the partnership as it cements its place in education in the Gateway region.

Support from the Partnership Broker

“Gateway LLEN was instrumental in obtaining space at the Monash Hub, enabling us to increase our enrolment to 24 students in ‘state of the art’ facilities… Gateway LLEN still remains a strong advocate of this partnership and their brokerage and support has been instrumental in identifying and supporting additional partners. Gateway LLEN has also been a driving force in establishing our social enterprise program based on The Farmers Market. They are currently brokering another partnership that will enable us to link Cert 1 and Cert 11 in Retail and Business management which will enable many of our students to complete the industry requirements of VCAL. Without the support and persistence of the Gateway LLEN I doubt that this program would have been established and the 50+ (otherwise disengaged) students would not have been given a second chance to engage.”
Graeme Barwise, Principal Monash Pathways.

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