Young Industry Ambassadors (YIA’s)



Designed to increase student access to “real-life” learning opportunities, with clear links to applied learning and other vocational pathways, Gateway LLEN has successfully piloted the “Young Industry Ambassadors (YIAs)” program in the Allied Health/ Community Services sector.  This sector was specifically targeted due to high growth forecast in employment, the diverse range of jobs and career options available within and the broad range of qualifications and pathways accessible from VETis upwards.

The initiative incorporates the following activities:

  • Increase student awareness and understanding of the diverse range of jobs and career options available in the health and community industries
  • Offer industry-based workshops to young people to further explore these options
  • Engage young people to explore career options that will lead to secure and full-time employment
  • Increase students’ awareness of the option of undertaking Vocational Education Training in Schools (VETis) and School Based Apprenticeships (SBATs) in industries in demand
  • Provide support to the local industries so that they are able to increase students’ involvement
  • Increase collaboration between industries, secondary schools and TAFE colleges in the region

Young Industry Ambassadors (YIAs) are trained to talk about their own career pathway to targeted groups of secondary school students and provide students real, practical information, which can assist students to make informed choices about their own future learning pathway while gaining “real-life” learning opportunities with clear links to applied learning and other vocational pathways and promoting opportunities within the sector.

In 2016, 20 Young Industry Ambassadors have been recruited and completed ambassador training (facilitated by Gateway LLEN) and over  40 students from secondary schools, special schools and ACFE providers have participated in vocational pathways activities facilitated by YIA’s.   These activities include a full-day pathways activity day at a local tertiary provider and three onsite activities at local schools.

The YIA partnership delivered measurable success with 47% of participants requesting follow-up information re 2017 VETis pathways and 94% of participants indicating they would recommend the day to others.  Based upon the success of this model, the partnership has committed to facilitating a total of four (one per term) targeted programs in 2017.


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