Vocational Tasters in Whitehorse

To provide students the opportunity to “sample” vocational pathways as part of Vocational Education Training in Schools (VETis) and career planning.

Partnership Members:
• The Avenue Neighbourhood House @ Eley
• Box Hill Institute
• Whitehorse School Focused Youth Services
• Forest Hill College
• Vermont Secondary College

Context and Goals
Working with key stakeholders, Gateway LLEN identified the need to improve opportunities for young people in the Whitehorse region to access vocational taster programs in an adult-learning environment, enhancing pathway and career planning opportunities.

The Partnership’s Approach
Gateway LLEN worked with vocational providers and local schools to identify a practical solution to the limited vocational taster opportunities available to students in the Whitehorse region. To best utilise available resources, a localised approach was adopted and funding was applied for, and received from Whitehorse School Focused Youth Services. Students had the opportunity to experience applied learning in their field of interest and explore associated pathway options.

“I loved the chance to explore the different sides to the beauty industry! So much fun and it’s helped me work out what I want to do in the future.”
Student, Emily K.

• Supports access to real-life learning opportunities
• Over 60 students in the Whitehorse region participated in the program
• Develops work readiness skills in participating students
• Improves career and pathway information

Next Steps
Initially piloted in Terms 1 & 2 of 2012 in partnership with Forest Hill College, these successful taster programs expanded to include Vermont Secondary College in Term 4 of 2012. Oversubscribed to in 2012, the 2013 programs were fully allocated. It is the long-term aim of the Vocational Taster Partnership to expand into a regional cluster, where students from all secondary colleges within the City of Whitehorse can access low cost, community-based, vocational taster programs.

Support from the Partnership Broker

“The gap between the need to think and act interdependently and our ability to do so sits at the heart of the most difficult problems we face today. A sustainable world will only be possible by thinking differently – by learning to see the larger systems … and by fostering collaboration across every imaginable boundary.”
The Necessary Revolution, Peter Senge.

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