Whitehorse Well-Being Profiler Partnership 2017


The ‘Well-being Profiler’ an easy-to-use and efficient online survey and reporting tool to measure adolescent well-being developed by researchers at the University of Melbourne. The Well-being Profiler requires students to complete an online questionnaire on their background and perceptions of their well-being in the following six domains: Cognitive; Economic; Emotional and Strengths, Physical; Psychological; Social. For more information about the Well-being Profiler please see www.wbprofiler.com.au

Benefits to participating schools include:

  •  Detailed data/ accurate measurement of wellbeing of students in your school. This is invaluable to inform your future planning and projects.
  • The scientifically grounded model of measurement was derived from the systematic review of the literature on youth wellbeing, and encompasses indicators, protective and risk factors of wellbeing. This research has received approval from the Humanities and Applied Sciences Human Ethics Sub-Committee at The University of Melbourne.
  • Schools will be fully supported in the implementation of the survey by project partners.
  • The cost of the survey will be fully funded by project partners; there is NO COST to schools.
  • Wellbeing profile reports will be available for each participating school promptly after survey completion (4 weeks). Access to a results forum and support in interpreting results.
  • Potential access to support or funding available from project partners for interventions which address identified needs following the survey.

Download Whitehorse Well-Being Profiler Snapshot 2017

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