IWD Women in the Workplace

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Gateway LLEN hosted a series of events online that profile women’s achievements in a variety of different workplace settings.

The Challenge

The “Women in the Workplace” series was developed to celebrate the achievements of women in the workplace and to support school’s exploration of a diverse range of pathways and increase access for those who have been adversely affected by the cancellation of events such as career expos, due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The series also provides an opportunity for secondary school students to access industry-specific information; this in turn helps build confidence around career pathways and post-school options. during this period of uncertainty.

"I showed video on Clinical Psychology today at lunchtime. I had 13 students show up so I was very happy. Mechanical Engineering tomorrow.

I think I might have to get the individual videos for future reference. The students liked it. Your help is appreciated so much."

Margaret Connolly, Careers/VET Coordinator, Sacred Heart Girls' College

The Result

The “Women in the Workplace” series follows the format of an online Q&A, where participants are interviewed on their unique pathway journey and experiences as women in their chosen field.

These events are open to all secondary students, irrespective of year level or academic program.

In 2023, guests included:

  • MIKAYLA VAN LOON, Women in Media
  • RACHEL COWLING, Women in Emergency Services
  • JACINTA PRICE, Women in Hospitality and Business
  • DONNA DE ZWART, Women in the Community Sector
  • ANNA NGUYEN, Women in Marketing

In 2022 guests included:

  • SONYA TERPSTRA MP, Women in Politics
  • ASIMINA VANDERWERT, Women in Engineering
  • NUALA BRADLEY aka Juicy Romance DJ, Women in Music
  • RACHEL LIM, Women in Health & Community Services
  • JAYDE BROWN, Women in Construction
  • JOAN LIM, Women in the Arts & Creative industries

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