RSPCA Partnership

Gateway LLEN’s ongoing partnership with RSPCA offers secondary students interested in a career in the animal industry a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience, as well as the chance to learn about the processes and inner workings of the RSPCA. This tailored program is available to senior school VET Animal Care students.


The Challenge

The purpose of this partnership is to facilitate an industry-based career immersion for students in animal care industry, particularly given that this is a challenging industry to secure placements in.

The partnership theme was derived from school consultation where:

  • 82% of survey respondents identified workplace/industry visits as the type of school-industry engagement opportunities they sought
  • 76% of survey respondents identified VET as the student cohort that would benefit from industry activities
  • 88% of schools indicated a desire for activities with a focus on careers and pathways

The Result

Successfully piloted in 2023, this program allows students to gain valuable insights into the daily operations of animal attendants at RSPCA.

As Victoria’s leading animal welfare organisations, the RSPCA relies on diverse team of skilled staff to care for the animals and campaign for better animal welfare. The program covered a wide range of activities, including: cat and dog breed identification, paddock cleaning, small animal health checks, observing animal behavior and basic first aid techniques.