The Impact Project

Impact is an early-intervention resource that aims to educate young Victorians about the law surrounding motor vehicle theft and related offences.  Impact is a partnership between Gateway LLEN and Victoria Police, funded by a grant from the Victoria Law Foundation.

The Challenge

Gateway LLEN identified a gap in education for young people about motor vehicle crime after growing concern in the community. They created these resources to highlight the severity of this issue, the factors that contribute to this type of offending, and what both adults and young people should be aware of in order to prevent it.

"The IMPACT project resource is a great initiative to demonstrate the impact of motor vehicle crime on perpetrators, their families, and the community. The videos are engaging and authentic. The inclusion of a wide variety of people and perspectives involved, especially young people and family members affected by motor vehicle crime, serves to drive the message home powerfully. They do an excellent job to convey the severe gravity and precarious risks involved around motor vehicle theft and related crimes and the concept of complicity, or co-offending. Gateway LLEN should be congratulated on the hard work in delivering a resource that will have a significant and positive impact on an important issue for the community."

Jules Piccinin Youth ConneXions Coordinator, Whitehorse City Council

The Result

Funded by a general grant from the Victorian Law Foundation, Gateway LLEN partnered with Victoria Police to create an early-intervention, youth friendly resource which focuses on Victorian legal issues for young people aged between 12-16. The resource, IMPACT, consists of five short videos and written materials to guide discussions and activities and is accompanied by a legal information guide and a list of localised youth support providers (take home information). The resource assists participants to identify associated situational factors such as negative peer associations, notoriety, substance abuse, social media platforms, choices, and responsibility. Collectively, the resource contains the elements of prosocial engagement, restorative practice, identification of underlying issues and how to access youth support pathways.

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