The Hot Desk

In this episode, Jan is joined by Carolyn Alchin from Career Motivate. She explains how to plan a career path which enables you to pivot and be more adaptable in times like Covid-19 and future, similar situations.

Carolyn Alchin

Carolyn Alchin is the founder and director of Career Motivate. She is an experienced career development practitioner, educator, business owner, and researcher. Carolyn Alchin is the immediate past Vice-President of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA), and was the 2016 CDAA winner of Practitioner of the Year.

Career Motivate has the mission to support industry, communities and individuals to see and reach their potential. Career Motivate specialises in the development of career development educational resources, facilitation and consultancy towards best practice.

Jan Owen

Jan Owen is a highly regarded entrepreneur, innovator, influencer and author. She has led and founded many organisations and businesses, most recently the Foundation for Young Australians and Learning Creates Australia.