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In this episode, Jan is joined by Adam Jacobs, the Co-Founder of Hatch. They discuss what employers are looking for in the current workplace; the importance of work integrated learning, building relationships with employers and other students to get ahead of the un/employment queue.

Adam Jacobs

Adam Jacobs is the Co-Founder of THE ICONIC – Australia’s largest online fashion retailer, and the Co-Founder of Hatch – a new venture whose mission is for all people to find meaning in work.

Adam is interested in how technology is changing our societies, and aims to build global tech companies that positively influence our lives.

In 2014, Adam was awarded the Young Executive of the Year, and runner up for Managing Director of the Year, by the CEO Magazine’s annual awards. In 2018, Hatch was selected as a Top 20 Business of Tomorrow by Westpac.

Jan Owen

Jan Owen is a highly regarded entrepreneur, innovator, influencer and author. She has led and founded many organisations and businesses, most recently the Foundation for Young Australians and Learning Creates Australia.