Café Education

As an integral community outreach, Café Education offers standalone Barista Training to local secondary students with additional needs.

The Challenge

To increase equitable access to workplace tasters and training for students with additional needs.

“Bulleen Heights School, a school for students with Autism participated in the Barista Course offered by Gateway LLENS. We had students with all abilities take part in the course. Every student extremely enjoyed this course gaining some basic skills in Coffee making. The students favourite part of the session was to actually taste their own coffee or hot chocolate that they had made. A very successful course and one we will continue to take part in.”

Bulleen Heights School

The Result

At Cafe Education the VET Trainer and Café Manager provide a nurturing, tailored environment that supports student success in a functioning café environment.

Gateway LLEN has an ongoing partnership with Café Education and Berengarra School to provide small, supportive barista taster programs to students from Bulleen Heights School. The onsite workshops at Café Ed in Ashwood, focus on industry-specific pre-VET work skills and the partnership is designed to provide students with a disability pre-accredited training in the hospitality sector.

This partnership is designed to actively support students with a disability and align with stakeholder consultation that identified specific interest in pre-vocational opportunities for students with a disability in the hospitality sector.